Type 'GoPro' mount into Google. Go on...

You better have a reasonable idea of what you are after because there are gazillions of gadgets to help you secure your little camera to all manner of body parts. For a while I really got into the idea of making my own mounts. Fun, cheap and of the Austin Vince school of DIY film making. Much of what you can buy from china can be replicated with a few cable ties and a bit of duct tape if that's your thing.

Occasionally however something comes along that really is worth the money.

A friend put me on to the Peak Design Capture Pro and whilst I wouldn't say it's changed my life - it's just a camera mount - I would say it's become one of my favourite bits of travel kit.

Stuff I love about the Capture Pro:

  • It's bomb proof - I will break before this does
  • It allows me to use my backpack as a chest mount, so I don't need a chest mount
  • I have one on my bike as well as my rucksack so I can literally move my GoPro from a forward facing shot to a reverse shot one handed while riding my bike. Of course I would never actually do this, far too dangerous.
  • I can stash my rather large GH5 on my chest if I need my hands free.

You can get a Capture or a Capture Pro version. I got the Pro because I'm a Pro. Obviously.

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