OK so you've got the point and shoot thing nailed, but what about the audio?

It's nemesis of the lo-fi adventure travel film maker - your camera may be 4k, HD, super slow mo fancy but I bet you the mic isn't up to much, ESPECIALLY if it's a GoPro. In my opinion you've got 2 options.

One, source a quality mic that either plugs in to the camera via an external input - GoPro's do this nowadays, or use a separate audio recorder like a Zoom unit and sync the audio up in post production.

The other option is to screw the audio. This is the route I prefer.

The majority of the time when I'm making my travel films, I'm looking to tell the story as simply as possible. Sometimes I use graphics on screen to help where I need. Sometimes I use a little bit of audio recorded in the camera, but the really I'm working on the principle of the 'silent film' much of the time.

I don't know that this would work for the longer format, say a 30 minute doco, but for the short 3 minute version I think it's totally doable. PLUS nowadays most people are watching your film on Facebook which is silent unless you choose to turn the audio on. I kind of like this restriction as it forces you to approach it differently and use a different set of tools to tell the story.

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