Stuff I have learned about shooting dirt bike films with a GoPro

They are tough as anything. I've not managed to break one yet, and I fall off my bike A LOT.

Battery life sucks, I normally carry 2 spares and leave the camera turned off as much as possible.

Your helmet really is the most stable place to put the camera. Turns out your head makes a good gimbal. Strapping it to your bike is the worst place, unless you want to film vibrations.


Only about 10% of what I shoot from the GoPro makes it into the final cut. In other words, 90% of the final cut was shot on another camera.

You don't need half of all the gadgets and mounts that they say you do. Zip ties are your friend. Actually, building your own mounts is tons of fun and becomes part of the story. I once used a kite instead of a drone. It sort of worked.

You need to be within a couple of meters of the person you are shooting if you don't want them to be tiny on screen. I spend half my time riding REALLY close to the guys I'm shooting.


The selfie stick in this film helped me get the GoPro really close to Noel who I was riding with


If you're filming someone talking to the GoPro, try and point it at their chin, that way their whole head will be in shot, not just the top of it.

You can change the lens screen on the new Hero 5. I didn't realise this and it put me off buying one for a while because once the screen is scratched you're stuffed.

The built in stabilisation on the Hero 5 is actually not bad.

I never shoot my films in 4k. Most people will be watching them on their mobile phones so what's the point? The data would kill my MacBook anyway.

I shoot in 2.7k which allows me to add more image stabilisation in post production and output at 1080p.

Shooting 50p helps smooth out your footage out, especially if you don't need it to play back in normal speed.

My GoPro is hardly ever my main camera.

A lot of people shoot on GoPro. A lot of peoples films look the same.

I spent a little bit of time learning the basics from Google and YouTube then just went out and started using my GoPro. In the end I built a workflow that works for me. It might not work for you. 70% of what you need to know you can learn pretty quick, the other 30% probably doesn't matter. Probably.

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