I may be the guy with all the cameras strapped to my bike, but I bet that at the end of the ride I'm the one who has filmed the least. Unless you didn't take a camera...


1 x 10

For every minute you film you can count on 10 minutes of editing. I have no scientific proof of this but it's what my gut tells me.

Slow, painful, boring editing. Fair enough if you're getting paid to edit something, but for the rest of us the idea of spending hours in front of the computer after a ride is enough to just leave the camera at home.

The art of a good travel film that doesn't take an eternity to edit or abandoned in a fit of 'f**k this shit' is literally to film as little as possible.

And the art of filming as little as possible is having a good idea of what your story is.

And a good story has a beginning, middle and end.

It doesn't need to be complicated, or grand, or overly ambitious. It might be as simple as a story about getting from point A to point B. That's your beginning and end sorted right there. And you can probably plan a little ahead about what to film for your point A at least.

The way I see it you've got three options:

  • Stick a film on YouTube that's got your entire adventure in it that no one watches because it's too long
  • Don't stick a film on YouTube because it's still on your memory card and you can't bring yourself to edit it
  • Stick a film on YouTube that people enjoy because it's short, sweet, has a story and is fun to watch, even though stuff happened that never made it into the final cut

The clearer you are about what the story is the easier it will be to know when to hit the record button.

Does this shot help tell the story? Nope, then lets just ride on by.

Oh look at that, that would be a great shot to help get this part of the story across. Pull over and whip out the camera.



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