That big budget blockbuster at the cinema right now. Before they started filming anything they made a storyboard.

The whole film, drawn in little boxes like a giant comic graphic novel. It helps the team figure out the camera angles, lenses, editing sequences etc. When it comes to the shoot they are simply replacing the sketched scene with the actual one. Sort of. To put it super simply.

When I was a teenager I worked in a cinema. Not selling popcorn, but up in the projection booth, prepping the big 35mm rolls of film for the main screening on Saturday. Every Friday night I would wind through these big reels of film to get them ready. I began to understand that a film is just a series of photographs played sequentially one after the other. Frame by frame, scene by scene. A film is a linear thing, you have to watch it in order, and most of the time the order goes beginning, middle, end.


Pretty much the whole trip was storyboarded before we left, even if some of it was pretty 'loose'

Skip forwards twenty years and the idea of a storyboard is as relevant as ever. Before I head off on a trip, no matter how planned or haphazard it might be, I've got this idea of a storyboard in my head. What's the story? What do I need to shoot for the beginning? The middle? The end? What would be helpful as cutaways to help stitch the action together? What might help illustrate the landscape that I'm riding through? How do I show who is in the story?

Sometimes I actually sketch these ideas down before I leave on the trip. Sometimes it's in my head. I might not know exactly what I'm going to encounter on the trip, but you can bet that while I'm riding along I'm thinking 'what's the storyboard for this trip?'.

January 12, 2017

Story. Board.

January 11, 2017

Shoot x 1. Edit x 10.

January 10, 2017

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January 9, 2017

Olympus Tough

January 8, 2017


January 7, 2017

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January 1, 2017

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